Cedar tree symbolizes strength, resilience, endurance, and longevity.

Our ambition is somewhat modest – to be the coffee shop against which others are measured. Bound by these principles since opening, Cedar Coffee serves great tasting coffee and the best beans from around the world.

Our location in Spokane opened in 2017 and is the best place to experience our coffee. We have a clean, quiet, and friendly environment, where you will find something for yourself, from traditional notes of pure espresso to the new and creative experiences.

Four areas of our expertise:

- roasting coffee beans

Everything we do is aimed at taste - our task is to correctly convey the full potential of the grain. We find the best green beans and work out the processes for roasting and brewing to maximize the taste of grain.

- preparing coffee drinks

We pay a lot of care to every possible variable that affects our drinks, from the roasting process, to the purity of water at the end pour and the quality of syrups that we offer. We believe coffee should be as simple or complex as you want it to be, and will match the expectations of high quality no matter the order.

- steeping teas

Tea is the integral part of our menu, and we paid great attention to finding the best loose leaf tea and figuring out the right proportions and timing for steeping process. 

- hand-crafting flavor syrups.

We import vanilla beans from Madagascar, cacao powder from Belgium, and other spices to make every of our organic artisan flavors unique and unforgettable.